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design, As a committee, we embrace the diversity that will emerge as people seek to support their own constituencies. Innovations that improve the product may be incorporated into the pages emerging directly from the project. There are a lot of web-based materials that have stronger areas than the former Internet Law Library. Our goal is to provide a link for people, particularly in underserved areas, to find their way to the strengths of the efforts of many people. My work in isolation increases in value exponentially when it is linked to the efforts of many. For those interested in participating in the mechanics of the project, the following committees are forming up: Technical Subcommittee (site design & development) Includes on subcom the people who are hosting and using the data Database design Coordinates the data factory/repository Relations Subcommittee (to solicit volunteers and act as a point of contact for volunteers) Also maintains public announcements, acts as a voice to the group Assignment Subcommittee (to decide how the library's existing content should be assigned) Coordinates the volunteers after solicited Page coordinators/editors/committees report to the assignment committee (might need another layer to keep the volume managable) Content Subcommittee (to establish parameters for how volunteers use their assigned content) Look and feel to make sure the pages are similar internally Information architecture Initial rollout of "prime" site with design Oversight Subcommittee (to direct the future of library and address unforeseen issues as they develop). Where voices of stakeholders on where the Internet Law Library should be going can be expressed, discussed and put to the general board. There are several issues that are still in the process of being worked out, most of which are more mechanical than anything else. We are ironing out the relationships that are necessary to fulfil this process. By the time the group is ready to receive the links, the issues will be worked out. Among the top of the items we are discussing is how to protect the property rights of others and ensure that participants don't mine other's work. see also: design activeserver, consulting, creativeshops, computers, script, integratede, www, space, tools, virtual, rent, cgi, java, interactive, authoring, marketingplans, design